For the opener, I used After Effects. For the 3d elements, Blender. I brought it all together in Premiere. 

Background for green screen.

This is the main room scene I used for this project. There's a moon light coming from the left, to which I gave a moody blue cast. The lamp gives the nice warm glow. And the outdoor light behind the set adds some shadows to the sheer curtains.

I could have spent more time on the coffee material, but we all make sacrifices. 

The sun comes in from the right, casting a window shadow, and bouncing off of the cabinet. I added an additional light to accentuate the glass covering on the clock. And a black card came into play to cut down the light bounce in the scene, darkening the shadow under the cabinet.

I used a little depth of field here to give the feeling of being half asleep and blurry-eyed. 

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