The project: Product shots for web and social media. 
The client gave me some example images for mood; but I had creative freedom for the most part. Here's what I came up with:

My favorite shot from the job. 

In this composite shot, the background is part of a 3D kitchen I had previously created in Blender. I mixed that with some painting in Photoshop. Then I dropped in the images of the bottle and pack.

Strawberry is my favorite flavor! Chocolate next. 

Finding a Vanilla Planifolia orchid was nearly impossible, as they bloom only one day per year. So I created one in 3D. I had been wanting to better my skills in "Blender" anyway; so this was a great opportunity!

I had photographed the bottle in my studio first. Then in Blender, I made a replica of the set and lights. Mimicking the same lighting as I used on the real set, I rendered the flower. [Preliminary modeling screen shots below]

Mock-ups I showed the client nearly a year prior.

I began modeling a honey dipper to see how quickly I could do it, but then decided not to go with it. 

Some alternative concepts, just for fun.

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